My ten years old daughter came to me crying one day because she was afraid both my son and I would be lynched.

I could not believe that this 10-year-old girl, in the 21st century, would have this type of fear. I sat her down and talked about racism. Racism is a specific form of discrimination based upon the false belief that some groups of people are inherently and biologically superior to others. Since Trump’s election, racist violence has been on the rise.

People of color, especially African Americans, are more likely to be stopped by police, searched, arrested, and become the victims of police and/or vigilante violence – AKA Lynching!  I then told my daughter maybe we should “Get up off the couch” and do something about it!

— Jackson Dunbar, Girl Dad

We spent the next days combining our talents to design two T-shirts.  My daughter wanted people to think differently on:

• Confederate Monuments that produce a narrative of  racial superiority.

• Lynching or killing someone, without a trial, can be by mob, using weapons like a rope.

I wanted to teach my daughter how to turn her fear into STRENGTH, her worry to ACTIVISM.

It is our hope that these designs inspire others to Fight Racism!  Take the first step:

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A Message From Kaelyn

It is my hope that these designs inspire others to Fight Racism! Help me put an end to racial violence and keep my dad and brother safe.

All proceeds will be given to groups that promote Antilynching and Police Reform Bills.It is not right that my ten-year-old is afraid I might get lynched.  It is our hope that together, we can stop other kids from feeling the same way.


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