There are many obstacles to voting on election day.  They include, but are not limited to the following:

•  No Transportation•  Bad Weather•  Long Lines due to few voting machines•  Inoperable voting machines•  Risk of catching COVID-19

"My name is Jackson Dunbar, Esq.  I decided to get involved in the political process when my daughter, Kaelyn, told me she feared I might get lynched one day. I held her in my arms and became upset at everything I DID NOT DO, to stop the cause of her fear. "

— Jackson Dunbar, Founder

THE ELECTION IS NOT OVER! When thinking “Who is BEST for me, I looked at issues that mattered to my family; Healthcare, as I have preexisting conditions. Voter Suppression, given the rollbacks in the Voting Rights Act. Livable Wage, as no one can live/raise a family on a minimum wage. Relatability, can a multi-millionaire understand the anxiety of monthly bills?

So I compared the Senate Candidates:

Think about the issues that matter most to you and vote like your life depends on it.  Follow the step by step process below to submit your vote.  Make a difference today!

The WellMed Foundation has used its resources to create Operation Drop/Box! 

Operation Drop/Box scribes the following process:

How to check your voter registration status and register to vote.

Obtain an Official Absentee Ballot Application.

Learn where to cast your ballot by Drop/Box.

Now, you have no excuse!  Follow the step by step process and submit your vote. If you have any questions, please reach out to us:

WHERE DO I BEGIN? Make Sure You are Registered: Will you turn 18 BEFORE January 5, 2021? Then you are eligible to vote! To vote via Absentee Ballot, you must first be REGISTERED TO VOTE before December 7, 2020.

Register To Vote!

Fill Out & Submit an Absentee Ballot Application: Submit your Absentee Ballot Application on/after NOVEMBER 18, 2020 - to ensure you receive your Absentee Ballot in a timely manner. The DEADLINE for registration is DECEMBER 7, 2020.

Download Absentee Ballot

OR  complete online ballot request form here:

Online Ballot Request Form

*If the Online Ballot Request does not work, then Download the Absentee Ballot and complete the form manually.

  • Download and fill out the ONLINE BALLOT REQUEST FORM
  • If you are registered, but your name does not appear, then use the mail/fax/DropBox process

If you do not receive your Absentee Ballot after submitting your application, contact your county registrar.

County Board of Registrar's Office


The State Elections Board issued rules that require Drop Boxes to be placed on county or municipal property with 24-hour video streaming for security. If you live in a city, it is likely a drop box will be located at your City Hall.

Click Here to Locate Drop/Box by AddressClick Here to Locate Drop/Box by County

• Verify that your ballot was accepted by visiting the Georgia My Voter Page. Log in and look for the box labeled Absentee Ballot Request Information to find out more about your absentee ballot status. • If your ballot was rejected, contact your County Registrar to get more information and find out your options.

Need Further Assistance?

Our foundation will be happy to contact you if you need further assistance or have additional questions about the process.