Howard Marcus is a retired commercial insurance executive, who has worked in the insurance industry for 35 years.

His area of expertise was large commercial property with premium in excess of $100,000 or more. Howard’s professional activities included large complex property program with layered participation from multiple companies. As well as, large 100% ground up property programs, including coverage for the perils of earthquake and flood. He’s worked for a variety of companies; Aetna, Wausau, CNA, and Liberty.

His last employment was with Axis Insurance Company. His position was Vice President of Property Underwriting for the Southeastern Seven States.

Howard is married with 3 children, ages 41, 36 and 18. He currently lives in Loganville, GA.

Education and Credentials
B.A. (Economics), University of Washington, 1976

A cadre instructor for management training courses, include, but not limited to:

  • Managing Change
  • Delegation
  • Preventing Sexual Harassment
  • Interpersonal Communication

Activities and Interest:

  • Chess
  • Traveling outside the USA
  • Loves basketball, football and track & field
  • Officiated high school football and basketball
  • Enjoys jazz music