Jackson Dunbar, Esq., is the Founder of the WellMed Foundation.  A resourceful company builder – from napkin to profitability.


Mr. Dunbar is an accomplished marketing professional who seeks to build profitable companies that produce socially responsible products and services.

Mr. Dunbar is proud of is “Blue Collar” roots.  The son of a Custodian and Seamstress, he was the first man of his family to graduate from college – Stockton University.  He would later receive a Juris Doctor from Tulane University Law School and a MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management.

He would spend years in Corporate America working in the fields of Product Ideation, Product Development, Market Analysis and Product Management before saving the initial capital to open WellMed/Atlanta – A group of Child & Adolescent Psychiatrists serving Metro Atlanta.

As the Concept originator of the Mobile Psychiatric Services platform that developed into WellMed, Mr. Dunbar was also responsible for all B2C/B2B direct marketing, business development  and grew the staff from a solo practitioner in 2007 to one of the largest multi discipline/provider Psychiatric Consulting Firms in Metro Atlanta by 2014.  In 2015, due to its strong growth rates during the “Great Recession”, WellMed/Atlanta was one of twenty businesses in the entire state of Georgia selected by the SBA for its Emerging Leaders Program.

On the eve of closing one of the biggest deals for WellMed/Atlanta, he and his son and would be involved in a car accident caused by a distracted driver.

By the miracle of God, his son was playing soccer two day later.  Mr. Dunbar would need dozen back procedures, a back surgery; and in the end, would be in constant pain for the rest of his days, would require a scooter, and would need pain medications that caused significant cognitive impairment.

Mr. Dunbar’s became involved in his children’s public school when the air conditioning went out one day.  He bought all the fans from the local hardware store and while putting them together at the school, began to notice all of the needs of the school.  Mr. Dunbar also saw that his daughter was happier at the school than she was at any private school she had every attended.

At that time members of his church coached him about the concept of Servant Leadership.  About being a good steward of one’s Time, Talent and Treasure at home, in the church and in the community. No longer feeling sorry for himself, Mr. Dunbar started using his business and legal acumen at his daughter’s elementary school to create strategic marketing plans, bought computer equipment at his son’s Middle school and committed to set up a scholarship program for kids with ADHD his local High School.

Now the thought was, what if he could get more parents to invest their Time, Talent and Treasure for one goal:  The improvement of our public schools by offering “real world programs” that develop their children and used any profits received to help local public schools by: Giving Teacher Bonuses, Buying Computer Equipment and Improving Mental Health & Business Education – The idea for the WellMed Foundation was born!