Making A Difference in Our Community

How We Help

The WellMed Foundation “fights” for our local public schools.  We create community based programs like The Business Ministry® and Minds Matter® that help children and young adults become thriving citizens and shine a light on the importance of our local public schools. The WellMed Foundation is a 501(c)(3) corporation.  No goods or services will be exchanged for your contribution, which is tax deductible as a charitable gift.


Money Matters

Profits derived from fundraising are used to improve our local public schools by giving teacher bonuses, computer equipment, building improvements, scholarships, as well as mental health and business education.

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How You Can Make A Difference

Volunteer Your Time

Let us know how much time you are willing to commit to supporting the WellMed Foundation and our work in the schools and community.

Share Your Talents

Tell us what special skills or professional experience you have that may benefit our program participants.
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Donate Your Treasure

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