Minds Matter®

Our goal is to provide mental health education to individuals, families, businesses, schools, and law enforcement personnel.

More than 1/3 of all children and adolescents have a mental health diagnosis, yet there are only a handful of Child & Adolescent Psychiatrists – even fewer that accept insurance.  In essence, there are not enough providers to help those children that are in need.  The goal of Minds Matter® is to fill this gap by having board certified professionals speak on various topics on mental health education.

  • Destruction of families
  • Loss of jobs
  • The inability to be successful in school
  • Inappropriate institutional discipline
  • Violence
  • Suicide

Mental Health Education

Mental Health Education is more than just our passion. It represents an opportunity for WellMed Psychiatric Consultants to help create comprehensive and multi-faceted custom programs that help ensure schools, workplaces and our community are caring and supportive places for people with mental health differences. Our mental health forums provide information regarding:

  • Signs and symptoms of mental health issues and illnesses
  • Best use Psychiatric Medications
  • Customized Mental Health Plans to help someone be successful in life or institutions modify its Behavioral Health Plans

Educational, corporate and law enforcement systems have not updated their discipline and management policies to address people with mental health differences. This in an environment where:


One in four teens
will experience a
mental health issue.


Suicide is now the second
leading cause of death
of individuals between
the ages of 14 to 23.


A study of 400 police shootings
showed that 25% of the
injured persons suffered from
a mental health disorder.


School Zero Tolerance
polices disproportionately effect
children and teens with
mental health disorders.

“To be healthy as a whole, mental wellness plays a role.”

Discipline in the Classrooms

School-based Behavioral Management Plans for children with ADHD tend to focus on discipline and not independence or age appropriate rewards.

For example, middle school students with ADHD are often very creative, funny, and delightful. They can also be oversensitive, hyperactive, forgetful and impulsive. Leading to disruptive behavior making it tough for a teacher to manage the student and/or their classroom.

Often strong punishment is the measure used to correct this behavior. This leads to a disproportionate amount of students with ADHD being disciplined and/or suspended from school.

The WellMed Psychiatric Consultant can work in partnership with school administrators to create reward-based policies, coupled with Med-Management as necessary, that teach children with ADHD to better manage their own behavior. The end result would be a self-reliant child whose behavior creates less classroom disruptions.

Mainstreaming Children

Children with ADHD can be successfully supported in a mainstream setting. With the right strategies in place, your child can achieve their full potential. A good understanding of ADHD and its impact in the classroom is the first important step. A bank of creative ideas that encourage learning in children with ADHD will benefit all children, thereby supporting teachers.

School creates multiple challenges for children with attention deficit disorder, but with  patience and an effective custom plan created by our group that will help overcome these obstacles, your child with ADD/ADHD can thrive in the classroom.

Mental Health & Law Enforcement

Law enforcement must now act as first responders for the nation’s mental health and addictions crisis. And yet a majority of officers are not trained on how to safely interact with people experiencing a mental health or addictions crisis, leaving both the officer and our community members vulnerable to tragedy.

We must ensure people with mental illness get the treatment and support they need. WellMed Psychiatric Consultants can help equip law enforcement to properly recognize mental health challenges among their peers, in their communities and teach deescalating strategies that can potentially save lives.


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Our goal is to help your organization deliver sound Mental Health programming for the people you serve.