The Next/Gen Allowance Program

Automation will eliminate jobs in the Fast Food, Retail and Transportation Industries in the same manner that NAFTA did to the Manufacturing and Automotive sectors. For that reason, The WellMed Foundation was started with the belief that the next generation of young entrepreneurs needed mentorship in the new global arena where jobs would be replaced by machines.  Thus we started The Next/Gen Allowance Program. Here is how you apply:

  • You and your parents must watch both the videos located below and complete the registration form.
  • A select number of students will be chosen for this award, the only requirement is that participants must complete our Entrepreneurship course.
  • Young entrepreneurs who do not win this month, can still download the system each week and take advantage of the classes, workshops and re-enter to win the $250 a month allowance the following month.
  • Let your children learn the entrepreneurial skills that companies teach their management teams to make them money, become problem solvers, team builders and leaders.  Those skills include:  Ideation, Creative Financing, Marketing, The Pitch, Investing and much more…

Watch & Register

Watch both of the WellMed Foundation videos & fill out the registration form below.


Make a $10 donation by clicking on the Donate Now button below.

Study & Learn

Participating young entrepreneurs complete the Entrepreneurs Course.


Collect your $250 allowance! Winners are announced at the end of each month.

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Next/Gen Allowance Registration Form

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Click the button below to donate $10 for your child to be eligible to receive the $250 a month Next/Gen Allowance.