The Business Ministry®

The Business Ministry® teaches entrepreneurship so adolescents and young adults can create their own economic opportunities.

Students also learn how to take their profits and invest that money wisely so they never know poverty. We teach students to invest in their communities to help the next generation.

The WellMed Foundation believes that students should be prepared for the new global economy where jobs will be outsourced overseas and/or replaced by automation. This will usher in a 21st century entrepreneurial age which will require a skill set not taught in schools today.

For this reason, we teach Revenue Literacy® — The process of taking an idea and transforming it into a product or service that sustains a profit. Through speaking events and onsite/online education, we will empower students with the skills to recognize opportunities, launch their own businesses, invest wisely, and then empower their communities.

The Citizen Entrepreneur

Our goal is to produce a Citizen/Entrepreneur that is both a habitual business creator and a responsible citizen. For that reason, there is a heavy focus to teach the same lessons he learned from his parents as a child – a moral code Mr. Dunbar credits for his success in business:


Always work hard to prove yourself, product or service.

Fiscal Discipline

Be conservative with your money - Always take measured risks with opportunities.


Do what you say you are going to do – On Time!


Never Give Up!

Who We Teach

As a Disabled American coming back to his community to invest his Time, Talent and Treasures into our next generation, Mr. Dunbar seeks to inspire these future business leaders. His message is simple: "A dream can be realized if you have the vision, the right process and funding to make it a reality.”

What We Teach


How to identify opportunities in the marketplace

Brand Development

How to differentiate your product/service


How to develop a target market


How to develop a marketing strategy


How to identify costs and develop pricing


How to communicate, sell, and negotiate

TIme Management

How to set goals, prioritize, focus, stay motivated, make decisions, delegate, and manage stress


How to develop a business model and strategic business plan

The Pitch

How to present a business idea to an audience

Managing Growth

How to grow your business effectively


How to turn your profits into a retirement nestegg

Community Support

How to help the next generation of business leaders

WellMed Talks Business

Schools will host The WellMed Foundation as part of their strategy to prepare students for their future as Citizen/Entrepreneurs. There will also be an opportunity to simulcast if the school has compatible technology.

Mr. Dunbar, who grew up eating “government” cheese and is the first man in his family to attend college, will advise students to continue their education.  He will inspire students to expand their options by exploring the principles of starting and growing their own businesses as well as safely investing their profits so they never know poverty.  We believe all students, regardless of course of study or course curriculum, will benefit from WellMed Talks Business. The talk helps introduce the values of entrepreneurship to young minds: a strong work ethic, honesty, and commitment. Students will leave the talk with a deeper understanding of entrepreneurship as a career path and as an avenue of financial stability.

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The WellMedBusiness Bootcamp

The WellMed Business Boot Camp is a youth business boot camp focused on opening the door of entrepreneurship for all.  During this seven day journey, young people develop basic skills to launch their own venture.  To help increase the number of students who complete the challenge, the Foundation is partnering with teachers and schools to incorporate the challenge into their classes.

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Our goal is to provide a top notch entrepreneurial program for the youth in our community.