Making An Impact In Our Community

The WellMed Foundation was created to “fight” for our local public schools. We create community based programs to generate revenue that is used to buy needed computer equipment, offer teacher bonuses and infrastructure improvements to local public schools in need. We also invest in curriculum enhancements in mental health and business education. The Business Ministry® and Minds Matter® are programs that will help children and young adults become thriving citizens and shine a light on the importance of our local public schools.

The WellMed Foundation is a 501(c)(3) corporation.  No goods or services will be exchanged for your contribution, which is tax deductible as a charitable gift.

Who We Are

The first man in his family to graduate from college, Jackson Dunbar, Esq. grew up in a single family home of modest means. For over 20 years, Mr. Dunbar has been a business leader and serial entrepreneur – from idea to sustained profit. The WellMed Foundation builds on his first-hand knowledge and decades of experience to assist people with the odds stacked against them to start and grow their own businesses, then repeat the process!

Meet the Board

Why We Do What We Do

Service Leadership  -- Time . Talent . Treasure

We wanted a way to fight for our local public schools, while at the same time teach our children a set of skills that would make them thrive in the Global Marketplace. Through our programs, we provide education by speaking to business and psychiatry groups, connecting those looking for information with experienced professionals, and providing online/onsite courses.

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